French Macarons

As I mentioned in my Chocolate Soufflé post, my intentions in 2017 are to bake things I’ve never attempted before… recipes that take true patience and presence… like French Macarons!

In Chicago, there are cute little Macaron shops all over the city showcasing unique flavor combinations and pretty pastel colors. I’m sure they are a big hit during Valentine’s Day! But rather than swinging by to pick some up, I of course want to bake some of my own for my Valentine’s.

Since French Macarons can be finicky, I decided to use a tried and tested recipe from Food Network. Check it out and follow the steps here. This recipe really breaks down these steps and has super helpful tips so I highly recommend following it “to a T”!

The Food Network recipe provides some tasty flavor combinations, I decided to go with vanilla extract (vs. almond or mint) with a Razzpepper jam – yes Razzpepper. Razzpepper is a raspberry jam accented with jalapeño and red chili peppers. Despite the addition of the peppers, it’s still sweet with just a hint of a peppery kick which will balance out the sweetness of the raspberry and vanilla. Aaron’s mom Robin had given him this jam for his birthday just over a year ago and we haven’t quite figured out how we wanted to use it yet – until today 🙂 This jam is made by The Cooper Family, sold here in Frankfort, MI. Frankfort is where Aaron is from (and our second home), it’s such a lovely little town in northern Michigan near Traverse City. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest a long weekend in the Summer or Fall!

Back to the baking… I had so much fun baking these, they turned out beautiful and GOOD! I added purple food coloring gel to achieve a lavender color. When they were done I added some pretty sparkle dust for an extra Valentine’s Day touch!

Check them out and let me know if you have any questions about the recipe. Time to head out to the burbs to share these with my best friend, her husband and my godchild ❤


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13 thoughts on “French Macarons

      1. Wow, I am so impressed with your work. Most people always say things like oh, it’ll take you a few tries before you get them perfect, or something else like that, but you e managed to get them right the first time! You definitely have a knack for baking 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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      2. I really owe it to that recipe! It really walked you through the process and accounted for the items or tips here and there that help to make a good Macaron – like the right tools and tapping the tray to get the air bubbles out. Thank you very much, that means a lot! I think I just come from a line of women with a baking knack and I’m certainly happy I got it too! 😉

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