About Me

Welcome to Baking with Soul, my name is Katrina and I’m grateful for your visit! I reside in the wonderful food-paradise city of Chicago with my 4 year old goofball Lab, Kiwi. I’m originally from the suburbs of Detroit and moved to Chicago about 7 years ago now.

Me! ūüôā

I have been a self-taught / family-taught home-baker since I was a very little girl. As a young child, I recall sneaking downstairs to the kitchen while my family was asleep to pretend that had my own baking¬†show. I would gather bowls, baking utensils and ingredients then¬†share the details of the confections I was conjuring up with my “guest audience”. Homemade cookies, brownies, cheese-cakes and pies were a regular occurrence in our home. Each time Mom stepped into the kitchen to whip something up, I was always by her side to help – and by help I mean eat the raw cookie dough hehe (but yes, I really did help). My mother and her side of the family are from former Yugoslavia, now known as Croatia. My all time favorite family baking tradition is when our four generations (great grandma Elizabeth, grandma Kathy, my mother Mirjana and myself) gather for our annual Croatian Christmas cookie baking! It’s a tradition that I’m grateful for each year and I truly cherish it.

Mom <3<3<3

While growing up, baking had become such a lovely de-stressor for me. I had found that baking had become such a powerful, impactful and creative way for me to work through stress – more importantly, it made me super happy!¬†Family & friends began regularly asking me to bake for birthday parties which furthered my explorations and opportunities to try new things. Once I became an “adult” with a¬†full-time¬†career, responsibilities, etc. I realized that baking had become secondary in my life. This blog is here to change that and put more creative emphasis within my life again through baking!

If you allow it, baking can teach you so much about yourself – your strengths, your areas of opportunity, your passions & more. Baking has taught me to slow down, be patient, live in the moment and be conscious of what you’re doing and putting out into the universe.¬†Everything that I bake is for a thoughtful reason with a supporting intention of sharing love, light and a piece of my soul¬†within my creations.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!